I love Mexican food. I love all food actually, but there is something about Mexican cuisine that really tickles my taste buds. In Los Angeles, it’s not hard to find a decent Mexican restaurant in town. They are all over. However, when I am recommending true authentic Mexican cuisine in Los Angeles, I never hesitate when suggesting Red O Restaurant in the heart of West Hollywood on Melrose.

The main reason why the food stands outs from any other Mexican Restaurant in LA is because of one man who created the menu, Rick Bayless. Rick Bayless is a world-famous chef with the PBS series, Mexico — One Plate at a Time, he has written several cookbooks and owns the title of “Top Chef Master”. Is he impressive? I’d say so and I certainly trust any meal prepared in the Red O kitchen.

Just taking a seat in the beautifully designed restaurant makes the dining experience valuable before the food even hits your lips. With original Mexican paintings, decorations, and dim lighting to set the mood, the ambiance brings an international flair that is hard to feel anywhere else. Not only is the atmosphere enjoyable, but the food is delicious, authentic and made with the freshest ingredients.