Located in the heart of Pennsylvania, the Delaware Water Gap is a recreational park that is loved and visited by many people each year. No, it’s not located in Delaware, but it is the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area and it’s one place you’ll go and never forget. From hiking to just taking a drive through one of the most scenic roads in America, you’ll find the most unique beauty right in the northeast.

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Was established in 1978 after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers transferred condemned lands along the Delaware River to the National Park Service. It was once intended to be made into a hydroelectric dam and reservoir along the Delaware near Tocks Island, approximately 6 miles north of the Delaware Water Gap, but ended up not happening.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area consists of 40 miles that stretch across the Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River with over 67,000 acres of picturesque mountains, floodplains and valleys. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the hemlock forests, ravines and tumbling waters that are surrounded by the national recreational area.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are over 100 miles of hiking trails that cut through the mountains and streams and within that includes 27 miles of the Appalachian Trail. If you’re not one for hiking, you can enjoy a scenic drive on over 100 miles of roadway.  One thing guests love the most is the unique historic villages full of American history. The structures and landscapes are unique to the valley’s colonial past and its agricultural fields have been farmed for thousands of years.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation area located in North West New Jersey

Take your pick on what you choose to do when you visit. Hop in a kayak and paddle your way down the river between low forested mountains or take a look into the 1000-foot-deep Water Gap. Every aspect of the valley will blow your mind as it has known human hand and voice for 10,000 years. In today’s day, visitors will be surrounded by a 70,000-acre park that welcomes those who love and cherish all that the outdoors has to offer.

Are you interested in visiting the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area? Be sure to learn all about the park’s visitor information at their Visitor Information website. Have you had to opportunity to visit this beautiful destination before?

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Delaware Water Gap