One of the best parts of being in love is having adventures together, right? The idea of hitting the open road as a couple — especially for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway — is the stuff of movies. Traveling with your honey is one of the best ways to see how you handle unexpected hiccups and challenges, but can also just be a really good time. Keep these ideas in mind to ensure that you make the most of your journey as a twosome.Young Couple Driving Along Country Road In Open Top Car

Devise a game plan

It’s always good to go with the flow to some degree, but crafting a basic itinerary can save you both a lot of headaches (and potential heartache, too). Map out your route and accommodations ahead of time, along with any popular restaurants or attractions you’re dying to check out. After that, embrace spontaneity and let your whims guide the rest of your free time.

Create a playlist together

The couple who rocks out together, stays together … or something like that. Not only will crafting a collaborative playlist get you excited about your upcoming trip, but singing in the car is a great way to bond and relieve any driving-related stress.  Streaming services like Spotify make it easy to bring your tunes anywhere. As a bonus, the songs that you pick will forever remind you of the fun you had throughout your journey.
Couple With Guide Book

Take turns driving

Compromise is key in any relationship, and this principle especially applies when it comes to vacations. While you don’t necessarily need to create a set schedule for driving duties, it’s not a bad idea to give your sweetie a break every once in a while to let them rest up and take in the beauty of the open road.

Bring games

Even the most scenic road trips have their less exciting stretches. Keep yourselves entertained during the inevitable lulls by packing plenty of portable distractions. We’re talking Trivial Pursuit cards, crossword and sudoku books. If all else fails, a good ol’ game of “Name That Tune” will do the trick, too.
 Couple taking a road trip in vintage convertible.

Be patient!

Even the smallest disagreements can get out of control when you’re in such close quarters with your better half, so remember to take a beat (and a deep breath) before you start a fight over who lost the map. It can help to lighten up and remember the reason that you’re traveling in the first place: to have fun!