In just about any city you visit in the United States, you will find a slew of museums to explore, ranging from art, history, science, and more. Colorado is no exception; each of their cities has wonderfully engaging museums, and any one of them would make for a great visit.

However, in addition to the museums you typically see other places, Colorado is also known for having a variety of specialty museums. So, if you’re in the area and want to experience a little something different, here is a list of intriguing options to check out. 

Colorado Railroad Museum (Golden, CO) 

Colorado Railroad Museum, USA

Inside the scenic mountains of Golden, Colorado is the Colorado Railroad Museum. It’s been in operation since 1959 and was initially built to preserve and protect the history of Colorado’s railroad era. The main building in the museum is modeled after 1880s railroad depots. Inside you will find original photographs by railroad photographers, model railways, in addition to some locomotives, rail cars, and pieces of railroad equipment on display. If you visit during the summertime, they have Saturday train rides! 

Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum (Vail, CO)

If you have an interest in snow sports, be sure to check out the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum. It’s a non-profit organization, which is why there is a suggested $3 donation instead of an admission price. Explore artifacts and film documentaries that explore the history and heritage of all snow sports. Don’t leave empty handed- inside the museum store is a wide selection of vintage ski souvenirs and gifts. 

Ghost Town Museum (Colorado Springs, CO) 

a young boy looks into the pan looking for gold

Have you ever wondered what your town will look like hundreds of years from now? Or if there was some way to preserve it for future generations to see?  Well, at the Ghost Town Museum, you can turn back the clock and get a glimpse of the wild west. Pan for real gold, churn your butter and play card games just like they did back then. Each of the buildings on location is the original. They have been salvaged and preserved from the Pikes Peak region. All of the props inside are authentic artifacts and positioned with great care. 

Museum of Colorado Prisons (Canon City)

old jail cell with a bed and window in the frame

Browse through exhibits spanning more than 140 years, in this former women’s prison building. The Museum of Colorado Prisons perfectly preserves the original feeling of the inmates housed in their holding cells. It’s interesting as well as a good reminder that, if you do the crime, you can expect to do the time! It shares a stone wall and armed towers with a prison that has been in continuous operation since 1871. 

Wings Over The Rockies (Denver) 

Old jet fighter of the US Air Force in Wing Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum Denver Colorado.

History lovers and technology junkies alike will love Wings Over The Rockies. This Air & Space Museum is located on what used to be an old airport hangar. Here you will find about 50 aircraft on display, as well as flight simulators, space exhibits, interactive displays, and tons of events throughout the year. 

Adventure On!

These are only some of the museums to check out in Colorado. There are a ton! If you don’t see your favorite, let us know in the comments! For help finding the best hotel rates in any city you stop in, look at our sister site,