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I love when I come across travel apps that also have everyday uses. Such is the case with the app Clear. If you’re a chronic to-do list maker like I am, this app will rock your world in every way; and even more so if you are traveling. Most smartphones come with nifty little Note apps that enable you to draft bits of text. So why spend $1.99 on an app that can do virtually the same thing? Clear not only makes creating lists easy to do but with the beautiful interface, it makes creating those lists fun! Packing for an upcoming trip? By using simple finger gestures, Clear allows you to create the list, add titles and check them off with ease. Re-arranging and deleting those titles is easy too.

Clear is also ideal for grocery shopping, running errands and keeping track of all of the important details in your life. It’s a traveler’s must have. You can get this app from the Apple Store for $1.99.