Chocolate is one of the gifts of the New World to the Old World.  By now, a gift to the entire world.  We love our chocolate.  Everyone has a favorite.  We are going to suggest a selective and sentimental sweep across America to get in as much chocolate as you can.  Or take these adventures in smaller ‘bites’ if you prefer.  Visit these amazing chocolate stores and factories across the country.

Chocolate World


“Chocolate Town USA” is Hershey, Pennsylvania’s nickname.  Milton Hershey made his famous chocolates here beginning in 1894.  This is the largest chocolate making company in North America.  You can visit Hershey’s Chocolate World, a ride that will show you how chocolate is made.  Nearby, Hershey Park is a celebrated old fashioned style amusement park, ideal for a family a day of fun.  Splurge and stay or dine at the elegant Hotel Hershey overlooking the city.  Fabulous when in bloom is the hotel’s rose garden.  Plan to see Wilbur Chocolates (next) on the same day or weekend; it is about an hour’s drive away.


Milk and Dark Chocolate Wilbur BudsLovely, historic and somewhat off the beaten track Lititz, is in the heart of Lancaster County’s Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and the home of this boutique chocolate company, founded in 1865—a place that has hosted prince and presidents with a taste for chocolate.  Their most famous product is called Wilbur Buds.  Please don’t compare them with Hershey’s Kisses—we like them both!  Looking around Lititz is always fun, with Tom Sturgis pretzels and many art galleries and one of a kind shops to explore.

M&M Mars

M&M Mars has its headquarters in Hackettstown, New Jersey; the headquarters is decorated with colorful oversized (sadly inedible) M and Ms in green blue red and yellow.  We would ask “plain or peanut” but that may be getting a bit too personal.  There are no tours or stores in Hackettstown, so the best place to shop for M&M‘s in the USA is the M&M’s World Store, located in The Florida Mall in Orlando, Florida.  Just picture it, 17,500-square-feet of deliciousness that won’t melt in your hands.  While in Orlando, you know what to do.  Orlando’s theme parks are the world’s playground.  Enjoy!

Wall of Colorful M&Ms

Dark Chocolate AdelaidesRussell Stover

Russell Stover began in Denver and to this day, the company still makes its chocolates in small batches, using Clara and Russell’s original “Bungalow Chocolates” recipes.  The company has three brands — Russell Stover, Whitman’s, and Pangburn’s — which account for more than 60 percent of all boxed chocolate sales in the United States.  Russell Stover Candies is the third-largest U.S. chocolate manufacturer behind Hershey and M&M Mars.  While they have many locations across the USA why not visit them as near to their origins as possible at the Colorado Springs Store: 3660 Austin Bluffs Pkwy.  Be sure to sample my personal favorite, their Dark Chocolate Adelaides.  While in The Springs, you will want to visit the US Air Force Academy, the Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, and Manitou Springs.  Have some more chocolate, to keep your strength up!

Ghirardelli Square, San FranciscoGhirardelli

Ghirardelli is the ideal lunch spot. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company was incorporated in 1852, and is the second-oldest chocolate company in the United States, after Baker’s Chocolate (founded in 1764), which we would send you to, but they don’t seem to have any factory tours or stores at their Dover, Delaware, location.  So head to the City by the Bay instead, and leave your heart there at Ghirardelli Square. We recommend their hot fudge sundae for your lunch.  Yes, just the sundae.  It is amazingly good—probably the best hot fudge sundae in the USA.  While in San Fran,  be sure to visit chocolatier Michael Recchiuti, who is located in the picturesque Ferry Building; his dark chocolate-covered burnt caramel almonds are memorably delicious.  Another good chocolate stop is Dandelion.

Frango Mint ChocolatesFrango

Frango Is a hush-hush, secret chocolate mint confection – I would tell you more, but you would have to bury me in molten chocolate (what a way to go!).  It all began in Seattle, but by 1929 was an institution at Marshall Field’s the famous and fabled department store in Chicago.   Marshall Field’s is now Macy’s but you can still get the trademark minty treat that is theirs alone at the big architecturally significant downtown store in Chicago.  While there, have lunch at the Walnut Room, shop, take a guided tour of the grand department store, and then try indoor outings to the Art Institute or an outdoor outing on the Chicago River, for the best city tour in the USA.  While in Chicago visit “Veruca’s” on Western Avenue, and have the sea salt and burnt-caramel candies covered in dark chocolate.  Pardon me if I swoon.

Amano Chocolate Bars

Amano Artisan Chocolate

Amano Artisan is in Orem, Utah, located high in Utah’s Wasatch Mountain range in the heart of the Rockies, but not so high that you cannot get there when you sense the chocolate calling.  Amano is dedicated to creating some of the world’s most exquisite chocolate through traditional techniques. Amano means “by hand” and “they love” in Italian, and that describes the care and perfection that Amano brings to chocolate and in turn to the people who savor it. Amano is located at 450 South, 1325 West.

Askinosie Chocolate FactoryAskinosie Chocolate

Askinosie Chocolate is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri.  Go there and say show me the chocolate that is made in the Ozark Mountains!  Askinosie Chocolate began in January of 2007, and the company crafts exceptional chocolate while serving farmers, customers, the neighborhood, and one another, consciously. Askinosie offers weekly public tour occurs every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. at 514 E Commercial Street.  Plan accordingly!

Price's AnnaclairsPrice’s Candy Sweet Shop USA

Price’s Candy in Mount Pleasant, Texas, will wow you with its two huge six foot bulk candy cases that are the center of attention in the retail store, featuring delicious and beautifully decorated handmade truffles.  Think of it—towers of truffles!  In addition to bulk and boxed chocolates, they sell gift items, greeting cards, and party and gifting supplies. Best of all, they are the only source of wonderful nostalgic and delicious “Annaclairs”.  My grandmother gave them as gifts every Christmas. Maybe yours did too.  She got them from Pittsburgh’s Gimbles Department store, which  made 300,000 Annaclairs annually, in their 13th floor candy department.  Now you can get them only from Price’s.  Visit their Factory Store, at 1316 Industrial Road.  Factory Store Hours:  9AM-5PM Monday-Friday.  They also sell Mrs. Weinstein’s Toffee.