Want to visit a beautiful capital city with a lively culture, great food, and friendly people? Look no further than Montpelier, Vermont.

If you’ve never considered taking a trip there, maybe you will after this post. Take a peek. 

Why it’s Charming

Like most small towns, there is a lot to love about Montpelier. But don’t discount it in culture just because of its size. It’s got a pretty lively bustle and is brimming with good people, arts, animals, shops and more. If you want a great place to park the car and explore on foot, this is it. 

Did you know? Montpelier is the only city in the United States without a Mcdonalds or Burger King. It’s also the smallest capital city in all of the United States. 

Things to See and Do

Vermont State House in Montpelier

Front door of Christ Episcopal Church in Montpelier, VT

Start at the Vermont State House and snap a picture of the golden dome on top of the building. You can go inside if you’d like to join an informative tour, and find out why it’s the state’s third one. 

Keep the learning going over at the Vermont Historical Society Museum, where visitors typically spend about two hours discovering everything from the 1600’s to present time, covering topics like native Indians, Lake Champlain, Ethan Allen, the Green Mountain Boys and more.  

Stop in and catch a flick at the independent theatre, Capitol Showplace. Or, look for the architectural gems Montpelier has to offer like Christ Episcopal Church founded in 1840 or The Tower inside of Hubbard Park– you will know it when you see it.  

Love music? Expect to find several musicians lined along the streets while you’re walking around. And don’t miss out on Buch Spieler Records. They have been buying and selling music in Montpelier since 1973 and might have a few stories to tell. 

Places to Eat/Drink

For breakfast, order the works at The Skinny Pancake, then smother it all in a downpouring of Vermont maple syrup. Because when in Vermont, right?

If you suddenly discover you need more maple in your life (and you will), taste test samples of different varieties during an educational – and delicious- tour at either Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks, or Bragg Farm Sugar House. One is a 7th generation working farm, and the other is another family operation. Both are sweet picks. Imagine everything covered in sweet and sticky maple syrup; candies, ice cream -and probably even your pamphlets. (So, bring wipes. You’re welcome.)

Grab a cup of joe anytime at Capitol Grounds, or stick around for lunch for their craft beer and creatively plated sandwiches. For tacos, only Mad Taco will do; A funky little stop in the middle of Montpelier, with the freshest ingredients. Pasta lovers, Sarducci’s is where it’s at. Satisfy your craving with every kind of saucy parmigiana and rich macaroni and cheese there is. For hand-tossed thin crust pizza, salad and burgers, you want Positive π Pie

Drink with the locals at Charlie O’s. Then, keep the rounds going at Three Penny TaproomTheir ice cold beer, Peanut Butter burger, and fresh cut fries are life. 

Love Vermont?

Who doesn’t? Stick around for a while, and take the scenic route. Our sister site, HotelCoupons.com can help you find affordable hotel deals wherever you end up.