In this day in age, cell phones are at the top of just about everyone’s travel packing list. That’s because they are used for many things during vacation (and everyday life, in general) from taking pictures to searching for rest stops and restaurants, to giving directions, booking hotel reservations and much more.

But what about cell phone accessories? There are a ton of accessories available which can enhance your vacation experience, and prevent it from going sideways. Stay savvy with our list. 

Waterproof Case

attractive young couple taking a picture and smiling under water

If you’re vacationing somewhere tropical, near a pool or ocean, a waterproof case is a must. Protect your phone from accidental plops in the water, or during intentional underwater dives for breathtaking photographs ops.

Bonus: If you get one of the pouch size cases, you will have enough room to place additional belongings like your I.D, credit cards and keys which means less stuff to lug around.  

PopSocket and Clip 

Go handsfree and rest your phone on any surface with a Popsocket. It’s ideal for those times you’re grabbing a bite to eat but still want to watch videos. Or just can’t hold your hands up after a long day of exploring.

The Popsocket clip is excellent for mounting on the dashboard and programming your GPS to take you on your next adventure. 

Handheld Video Stabilizer

If you’re filming while biking, or hiking, or any other activity with a lot of movement, get yourself a handheld video stabilizer for smooth, steady filming. You don’t want to get seasick on your replay. 

Selfie Stick 

happy senior couple with smartphone selfie stick photographing and hugging on summer beach

The Selfie Stick is here to stay. Don’t run from it. Embrace it.

People won’t even look twice when you pull yours out, because it’s become the norm. And love it or hate it, you have to admit, it’s pretty convenient when you’re traveling solo, or with a friend, and can’t flag someone down to snap a picture of the two of you. Plus, your arms can only reach so far, and you don’t want to risk dropping your phone with a failed prop attempt. 


Being out and about all day, traveling, is sure to eat up a cellphone battery quick. Taking thousands of pictures and videos to document your trip probably has something to do with it. Don’t be stuck in the middle of who knows where with a dead cell phone. Get yourself a power bank for that backup charge when you need it. 


Happy Traveling! For more tips, read this next post on how to prepare your phone for a road trip.