School is almost back in session and it already feels like life is back in high gear. Don’t let the rush of back-to-school keep your family from enjoying the end of summer.

Take an End of Summer Road Trip

There’s no better way to celebrate the summer than with one last weekend away. We recommend a quick family road trip that will provide fond summer memories throughout the school year.

It’s easy to plan a surprise last-minute getaway for the kids. Choose a location that’s just a few hours away to avoid any car-ride complaints. For added fun, consider giving clues to where you’re going so they can participate on the way to your destination.

No matter where you’re headed, use this valuable family time to share your favorite memories of the summer. It’s also a great opportunity to ask your kids how they’re feeling about the coming school year, so you’ll know exactly how to support them when classes begin.

For a budget-friendly trip, don’t go too far. Choose an interesting town, lake or mountain nearby so that you won’t need to spend too much on gas. Plus, last-minute hotel deals don’t have to break the bank. With tools like you can get the lowest possible same-day rates on hotel brands you love. One or two nights away offer all the time you need to bond with the kids before school starts.

So what are you waiting for? Load up the kids in the car and end the summer on a happy note!