Packing for a flight can be a lot to manage (especially for a female). You have to think about every single thing you’ll need; clothes, shoes, purses, toiletries, beauty care items, etc. However, if you’re like most people, you’re likely trying to figure out a way to pack all this in a carry-on to avoid dealing with checking in luggage and paying that fee for it! So, we are here to help you figure out how to pack your carry-on! It’s actually very simple. Check out some of our tips…

What Do You Need

Yes, we know…this is a no brainer. What we mean is, what do you REALLY need to bring along? Not what you want, but the items you will need. Sleepwear, jeans, tshirts, shorts, etc. Think of everything you have to do while you’re away and what you will need for it.

Divide the Space in Your Bag

Designate a spot for everything. Clothes, shoes, purses, toiletries, everything get it’s own little corner. With the space left over in between, fill in the spaces with smaller items. Then, create layers within your suitcase. A bottom layer for your bulkier items, middle later for clothes and top layer for additional items.

Wear Your Heaviest Clothes

Unless it’s summertime, this may not apply. However, if you’re traveling to a cold destination, continue reading! Thinking about packing jeans, a jacket boots? Might as well wear them to create more space in your bag! The good news is that you can always take your jacket off on the plane (but it’s usually pretty chilly in there anyways).

Utilize Your Personal Item

Don’t forget that you are allowed bring on one personal item in addition to your carry-on! Try to utilize the space in your personal item to create extra space in your luggage. This can range from a book, to your laptop or electronic device, magazines, or anything else that may be able to fit.

Check-in Online

As long as you’re not checking in a bag, go ahead and check-in online and print out your boarding pass! This will help save you time upon arrival to the airport, and to be honest, who likes waiting in that long line anyways? Not us!

Do you often travel with a carry-on? Do you have any helpful tips to share with our readers? Tell us and our readers about them in the comments below!