For frequent travelers, packing is an art form, and carry-on bags are masterpieces. Our travel writers opened their bags and took out their cameras to share with you the ultimate travel essential: their carry-on bags.

Amber’s Carry On

Amber Wojcek's Carry-On

What’s in Amber’s carry-on? Nintendo 3DS; travel steamer (“my bff”); all the power cords; purse full of purse things; sweater, tissues, and cough drops (“bc planes hate me”); baby umbrella; toothbrush and toothpaste

Kim D’s Carry-On

Kimberly Devitt's Carry-On

What’s in Kim’s carry-on? Travel laundry wipes; hair brush; hand sanitizer; make-up bag; power cords; wallet; magazine; laptop computer

Dana’s Carry-OnDana Damato Carry-On

What’s in Dana’s carry-on? Cell phone;  face concealer, lip balm, lip stick, hand sanitizer and body lotion; a good book (“Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, my current read.”); a banana and a granola bar; head phones; wallet; passport and boarding pass; Clear card (exclusive airport security lane); Altoids; sunglasses

Liz’s Carry-On

Liz Froment's Carry-OnWhat’s in Liz’s carry-on? Phone; wallet; light blanket; notebook and pen; sunglasses; iPad (in cute Kate Spade bird pattern case); refillable water bottle; moisturizing face wipes; breath mints; moisturizer; chapstick; plug/wires for iPad/phone; hand sanitizer; phone/iPad battery extender

Anne’s Carry-On

Carry-On Bag & Contents

What’s in Anne’s carry-on? Guide book; notebook and pen; headphones; extra hair tie; iPad; sunglasses; wallet; gum; allergy and pain medications; travel-sized Kleenex; contact case (“and saline – not pictured!”); phone/iPad charger

Kim W’s Carry-On Suitcase

Kim Windyka's Carry-On

What’s in Kim’s carry-on suitcase? Fancy and casual clothes; iPod with head phones; cell phone; hair straightener