America is home to some of the most beautiful and unique natural wonders in the world. Whether it’s miles of endless beaches, mountains that meet the sky, or a wildlife refuge, the USA has many hidden gems that most people never know about. For example, the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge located in Davis, West Virginia. Most will never know about it, but it is one of the most unique destinations in the country.

Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Located east of the Rockies, Canaan Valley is the highest large valley in the nation. The climate and atmosphere is very similar to Ontario, Canada. On the valley floor is where you’ll find the largest wetland complex in West Virginia, all with forested walls. The Cabin Mountain Trail escalates on the valley and consist of the well-known Dolly Sods Wilderness, which has exquisite view of the entire Canaan Valley.


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When it comes to the weather, it varies depending on the time of year. During the day in the summer and fall, the temperatures are usually around 90 degrees, whereas during the evening it can drop into the 50’s or 60’s. If you’re planning a visit to Canaan Valley, we suggest bringing along a sweater and/or light jacket to keep you warm. Insects are usually not a problem, as opposed to other wetland areas. It may be advised to bring bug spray, however, you may not need it.


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Visitors really enjoy the cool climate, snowy winters and cool summers. Mostly though, the main attraction is the extensive views of the wetlands and grasslands. The climate here offers the support for species such as cottongrass, balsam fir and woodcock. Many rare species can be found in the high elevation wetlands. The refuge contains over 580 species of plants and 288 different animals, making it a very diversified refuge!

Thinking about visiting? You should! The refuge is open 365 days a year from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset. The refuge has 31 miles of roads and trails available to visitors for walking, skiing and more. There are 23 miles available for bicycle riding and 22 miles available for horseback riding.


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Contact Information

The Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge visitor center and headquarters are located on SR 32 at: 6263 Appalachian Hwy, Davis, WV 26260. Phone: 304-866-3858.

Have you ever been to the Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge or are you interested in visiting? Tell us about your experience or if you’re planning a trip. See below for contact information.

Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge