California may very well be the most idyllic place to take a long vacation. The state boasts of sunny skies, beautiful beaches, landmarks and tons of scrumptious places to eat.

The Pacific Coast Highway is the perfect place to coast along and explore different aspects that make California truly unique. Let’s dive into some tips for traveling and a few specific places you can sight visit, eat at and make unforgettable memories.

Travel Tips

California has lots to see and do, which means that you and your travel partner may have very different ideas of what it is you want to see. Whether you’re into the beach, city life, arts destinations, or a foodie adventure, make sure that you’ll get the most out of your trip by being comfortable with your travel companion.

One other tip before you hit the road: be aware of the different driving and travel laws in California. For example, in California, it’s illegal to be touching or looking at your smartphone while driving, so familiarize yourself with the most current rules of the road so you can focus on having a good time.

Pacific Coast Highway

Hot Spots to Check Out

There is myriad things to do, see and eat when road tripping along the PCH. It can be a little overwhelming having so many options, so here is a short list of popular places to visit.

  1. San Francisco: The Golden Gate Bridge is always a nice place to visit with a wonderful view. There are also other viewpoints, including Twin Peaks and Coit Tower. Just walk through this bustling city and take it all in. Before you move on, don’t forget to check out Tartine Bakery, home to the most scrumptious banana cream pie.
  2. Los Angeles:
    1. Hollywood & Highland: This popular intersection is comparable to Times Square in New York. There are tons of interesting street performers, numerous shops and theaters, and the famous Hollywood Wax Museum. This isn’t a place locals necessarily frequent, but it’s definitely a must-see for tourists.
    2. LA Arts District: This is the more hipster and artsy region of Los Angeles, where there is always great food and coffee, alongside inspirational street art. Zinc Cafe is highly recommended for vegan food so delicious you won’t even remember it was vegan. Within walking distance of Zinc Cafe is Blue Bottle Coffee, which serves a good cup of joe and is gaining popularity throughout California.
  3. San Diego: Seriously, any beach in San Diego is beautiful, but one view you just can’t miss is at Sunset Cliffs. Additionally, take this opportunity to enjoy some Mexican food as close to the border as possible. Grab some seriously tasty seafood tacos from Oscar’s Mexican Seafood or a hefty yet delectable burrito from Vallarta Express Mexican Eatery.