The United States is not lacking in spectacular hiking trails. From the Pacific Coast Highway that meanders through postcard-perfect Big Sur to the the Appalachian Trail that can take you all the way from Georgia to Maine. And while these coastal trails are well-known, the middle of the country has its own paths to bring joy to hikers. Big Bluff and the Goat Trail in Arkansas are two such destinations, winding through the scenic Ozarks and along the Buffalo National River.

Hawksbill Crag

The Big Bluff Trail and it’s smaller tributary, the Goat Trail are approximately a four- to five-hour round-trip hike with a final destination of Big Bluff. And Big Bluff is true to its name: at 550 feet tall, it’s the highest point along the Buffalo River and allows for a stunning view of the water below. The hike itself is mostly downhill on the way to the bluff, but unfortunately that means it will be all uphill on the way back to the starting point at the Centerpoint Trailhead.

From the trailhead to the Goat Trail is a fairly easy trek, but once you’ve turned onto Goat Trail, the terrain becomes more difficult, and it’s recommended for experienced hikers only. That means that, unfortunately, this adventure is not a family-friendly affair. But those with the wherewithal to make it through will be rewarded with lovely panoramic views, as well as places to camp, stargaze, recharge, and take in the varied plant and animal life found in the Ozarks region.

Here are our favorite Instagram photos from the trail:

1. This sunny vista from Goat Trail

2. This photo that makes you want to camp RIGHT NOW.

3. This sunrise over the Buffalo National River

4. This image that makes you feel like you’re on Goat Trail

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5. This perfect place to pitch your tent.

6. These incredible bluffs to explore.

7. This misty morning that gives you ALL the #wanderlust.

Getting up at 4 in the morning has its perks sometimes.

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8. This towering Arkansas waterfall.

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9. This view of the narrow, golden trail.

10. This iconic vista of the Buffalo National River.