Summer is officially here, which means now is the time to really enjoy those moments where you can find something that will cool you down over the long hot days the next few months. One absolute favorite?

Well, it has to be the vanilla milkshake. We all know that milkshakes are a true American classic. In fact, it’s been around since the 1880s! And while vanilla sometimes gets a bad rap for being too “boring” you’d be wrong in this case.

Here, we’re talking about the best vanilla milkshakes across the country. Give one or two of these a try and you’ll never go back to chocolate or strawberry!

The Purple Cow

Ok, so this one might throw you off, but trust us, the vanilla milkshake at the Purple Cow in Arkansas is actually vanilla, even though it’s purple in color! The main thing? The classic taste of their milkshake will leave you wanting more!


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Consistently ranked as one of the top places to eat in all of the Northeast, Portland, Maine’s Duckfat has one of the best vanilla milkshakes you’ll ever have with “vanilla gelato w/ crème anglaise & fresh Tahitian vanilla bean.”


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Located in Portland, Oregon, when you step into Blueplate you’ll think you’ve been transported to the soda fountains for your grandparents time. So, it shouldn’t come as any shock that they make a mean milkshake. Head to the counter and order away.

Steak n’ Shake

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Hard to imagine with “shake” in the name that you wouldn’t get a great vanilla milkshake in this fast casual chain. What you will find at Steak n’ Shake is one of the freshest milkshakes around. There are only a handful of ingredients in this one, with vanilla ice cream and milk really shining through.

Shake Shack

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It’s only been a few years since this popular New York City based brand has expanded all over the Northeast and Florida, and for good reason. Shake Shack has some incredible milkshakes and they are know for their “secret ingredient” as the base: vanilla custard.

Flip Burger Boutique

If you’re a fan of Bravo’s Top Chef then you surely must know about Richard Blais by now, winner and frequent judge on the show. His cooking skills (and love of molecular gastronomy) are well known, so it stands that he knows how to make an excellent liquid nitrogen milkshake, and you can try for yourself at his Atlanta based Flip Burger Boutique.


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California-based chain Bruxie is an old school comfort food joint. You can find classic burgers mixed with sweet and savory specials like chicken and waffles. As good as the food is there, make sure you leave room for one of their famous milkshakes for dessert.

There you have it, just a few of the very best vanilla milkshakes you can find across the country. Did we miss any of your own personal favorites? We’d love to hear about them, so let us know in the comments!

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