Traveling is something we do for leisure and business. Whether you want to travel, or you have to travel, there are several ways to keep your belongings safe. This especially goes for those who fly, take the train, go on a cruise, or any other type of travel that requires you to check in luggage. Speaking from personal experience and having a number of personal belongings stolen from my lockless luggage, I always encourage the highest precaution while traveling. Take a look at some great locks and accessories for your suitcase:

Suitcase Locks

3 Digit Combination TSA Lock, Kolumbo

When flying, it’s important to find a luggage lock that’s TSA approved. The Kolumbo TSA Lock, Safe Skies helps prevent break-ins, and even has a lifetime guarantee.

Searchalert Lock

The Searchalert is a simple lock device that requires resettable combination, and it recommended for those who like to inspect their bag after it’s gone through security. This lock offers a small security window that changes colors from green to red if the lock has been opened.

4688 Padlock, Master Lock

Master Lock has to be one of those most popular and user friendly in the travel community. This combination lock features a bendable cable loop that can fit through most bags, but guarantees secure protections from all your belongings.


Packing Organizers

Packing organizers are a great feature to keep in your luggage. Whether you have jewelry, valuable, toiletries or anything else that you don’t prefer to let float around your suitcase, packing organizers do exactly what they say – organize! Depending on what you’re organizing while you pack, you can choose between packing cube organizer, packing folders, or several other different shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

Compressions Sacks

This may be the best accessory for any traveller who tends to over pack (especially clothes). A compression sack will contain many fabric items in a bag and suck the air out of the bag, making it a flat and leaving much more room for other things to pack. This is great for girls (like me) who pack too many clothes, hikers carrying gear, and so much more.

Ziploc Bags

Last but not least, probably the more affordable and efficient – Ziploc Bags! You can organize your toiletries, medicines, vitamins, and any other loose items in Ziploc bags.

What are some of your top choice suitcase locks and accessories? Tell us about it in the comments below!