Ah December…! The month of delicious goodies of all kinds, and so many of them having to do with chocolate. One of the best ways to enjoy chocolaty goodness in the winter is to sip and savor it in the form of hot cocoa and hot chocolate. We have looked far and wide and have some tasty places for you to put on your destination list as you #drivethenation:

Max Brenner USA

Sometimes we just need a hug … mug #hotchocolate

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“The Bald Man”, has locations in several key cities: New York, Philly, Bethesda, Paramus, and Boston. Their hot cocoa is dependably delicious and has rightfully gained a nationwide following.


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Of course, Ghirardelli has hot cocoa that you go for—and go back for. No place is as iconic as their Ghirardelli Square old fashioned style restaurant location in San Francisco. Be sure to order yours to go, and then enjoy it out in the Square itself when weather permits.

Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge

Spicy Mayan Hot Cocoa

Serving up Spicy Mayan Hot Chocolate; it is the way to go in Anchorage, Alaska. The silky and dark hot chocolate is unbelievably good if you like spicy. They also have a non-spicy drinking chocolate some call “love in a cup”. As you savor you can also view the local artists’ works on display and for sale. Take home a tin of powder—even after it is empty, it will be a great souvenir.

MarieBelle Cacao Bar and Tea Salon

Friday, the perfect day to enjoy a hot chocolate #hotchocolate #mariebelleny #chocolate #friday

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Want thick and decadent? MarieBelle Cacao Bar and Tea Salon in Soho, deserves a spot on the list as their hot chocolate is the stuff of legends. All of their recipes contain rich, South American single-origin pure chocolate. This quaint chocolate shop and charming tea room serves hot chocolate that many claim is the best they’ve ever had, velvety smooth.

The Hershey Pantry

The Hershey Pantry

The Hershey Pantry in Hershey, Pennsylvania, a town that is world renowned for its chocolate and sweet indulgences, serves up a hot chocolate that is second to none. No surprise, being so close to “the source”. The restaurant is a little gem. It is not very large, but the food portions are, as you would expect in the “Dutch Country,” and they are all delicious.


Sazon Drinking Chocolate

Sazon on Spring Garden in the North Liberties of Philadelphia is a Venezuelan restaurant with many kinds of gourmet hot chocolate that are quite extraordinary – some say sublime. The authentic food gets lots of raves too in this lively bistro setting. Avid patrons are known to double park, to run in and get their chocolate to go.

Cocoa Bean

Cocoa Bean Hot Chocolate & Cupcake

Cocoa Bean in Rexburg, Idaho, and Provo, Utah, is a bakery and lounge with gourmet cocoa that is scrumptious. Hard to believe but even some of the restaurant’s fans sometime miss it, because they go right for the cupcakes. Surprise the locals when you go in and go right for the hot chocolate.

Try these great places on your next get away and we are sure you will add them to your personal list of favorites for drinking chocolate!