Let’s face it – we all love desserts! Whether it’s ice cream or cake, desserts are the best and there is just no denying that. During the hot summer months, there’s really nothing better than something sweet and ice cold to satisfy your taste buds.  Although ice cream is the best, sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and go for something a little different – like gelato! What’s the big difference between ice cream and gelato, anyways? No major difference, just that gelato it’s a bit denser than ice cream and is served at a slight lower temperature, making it silkier and softer. So what are some of the best gelato spots in America? Read on to find out…


Bulgarini Gelato 

Plum and Blood Orange sorbet at #Altadena’s prized gem @TheBulgariniGelato on this 102° day.

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Located in Altadena, California, Bulgarini Gelato is owned by gelato connoisseur, Leo Bulgarini. Customers will be welcomed into the store by colorful gelato and sorbets. Enjoy three types of chocolate – salted, orange flavor and regular. Also be sure to try the chocolate chip, vanilla and almond – you won’t be disappointed.

Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw takes ice cream and gelato to a whole new level. Imagine eating gelato flavors like tomato water and Ojai olive oil sherbet, or avocado and strawberry sherbet.  Sounds intriguing? We agree! Enjoy other unique flavors such as a lavender bitters and spruce cola float!

McConnell’s Ice Cream

Churros Con Leche Sundae on this toasty Thursday evening ???: @jamison.lopez #mcconnells #icecream

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Located in beautiful Santa Barbara, McConnell’s Ice Cream is just the place for something sweet and delicious to satisfy your taste buds. Customers will love their approach to ice cream and gelato – which is a perfect combination of old and new.


Laboratorio del Gelato

The name is pretty self-explanatory – a gelato laboratory! You can’t go wrong here, everything will make your mouth water and make you want to keep coming back for more! Customers will enjoy their creative and unique flavors that can only be found at this New York, N.Y. gelateria.

L’Arte del Gelato

We all know that New Yorkers are a tough crowd, but some how this place has won the hearts of them all. Customers will fall in love with their nutty, chocolaty and salty flavors that will leave you drooling. Also try their strawberry and pistachio flavors!


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Located in Greenwich Village, Amorino is one-of-a-kind. Even though it may be a bit newer in the gelato world, it certainly gets the job done – and gets it done well! Be sure to try their Cioccolato amorino in a cone!


Gelateria del Duomo

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When you’re eating gelato from Gelateria del Duomo, you can rest assured knowing that you’re eating gelato with all-natural ingredients imported from Italy. This is as authentic as it gets – and you won’t find it better anywhere else in Tampa!

Gionata’s Gelateria & Caffe

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If there’s any way to describe Gionata’s Gelateria & Caffe, we would say it’s a hidden gem tucked away in Lutz, FL. You can expect some big flavor out of this tiny place. Enjoy tasty flavors such as; strawberry, chocolate chip, banana and hazelnut.


Dolce Neve

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Texas gelato…how good can it be? You’d be surprised! At Dolce Neve located in Austin, TX, you can really taste just how unique and delicious Texas gelato is. For example, they offer some one-of-a-kind flavors, such as sweet potato or goat cheese and pecan! They also serve up the traditional flavors such as hazelnut. However, if you go to Dolce Neve, you can’t leave without tasting their Texas inspired gelato flavors!


Black Dog Gelato

When you can’t decide on one flavor… #3please #blackdoggelato

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Chicago is home to some of the best gelato spots in the country, but when it comes down to the best, the signs always point to Black Dog Gelato. With two locations in Chicago, Ukrainian Village and Roscoe Village, Black Dog serves gelato made in house fresh. They are most famous for their specially made goat cheese cashew caramel gelato.



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If there’s a best gelato in Oregon, everyone will agree that it’s found at Stella Gelato located in Eugene, Oregon. Guests can indulge in the freshly made gelato from scratch. Stella may be small, but for those who know what authentic gelato tastes like, they don’t mind taking the trip out to Eugene to treat themselves!

Do you have a gelato place you believe is the best in town? Tell us about it in the comments below!