“Hey, Dude!” When was the last time you said that to someone? In fact, when was the last time someone said that to you? Now, we’re not saying you should start greeting people by calling them “dude” but we are saying that you just might get away with it at a dude ranch!  That’s right – A dude ranch is a cattle ranch that has converted into a destination for visitors. Guests can stay on property and get a real feel for the Western culture – cowboys and all! If you’re interested in visiting a dude ranch, be sure to plan your stay at one of the best dude ranches in America.

Mountain Sky Guest Ranch – Montana

Mountain Sky Guest Ranch is located in Paradise Valley, not too far away from Yellowstone National Park. The ranch is widely known as one of the most upscale dude ranches in Montana and has been a favorite spot for guests since 1929.

Eatons’ Ranch – Wyoming

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It doesn’t get more “Western cowboy” than Wyoming. When you’re really looking for that Western escape, Eatons’ Ranch is the place to go. The ranch has been available to visitors providing an unparalleled dude ranch experience for over 135 years and is located in the Bighorn Mountains.

Marble Mountain Guest Ranch – California

Located in the heart of California, Marble Mountain Guest Ranch is a favorite for guests due to their wide variety of activities such as; white water rafting, horseback riding, shooting, fishing and so much more.

White Stallion Ranch – Arizona

An Arizona dude ranch experience is much different than one anywhere else in the country. When you’re heading to Arizona, stop at White Stallion Ranch, located near the airports in Phoenix and Tucson. Guests can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, and much more.

Rainbow Trout Ranch – Colorado

Colorado is home to many famous dude ranches, but there no place like Rainbow Trout Ranch located in the Southern Rocky Mountains. Guest keep going back for their fly-fishing, horseback riding and warm western hospitality.

Southern Cross Guest Ranch – Georgia

This dude ranch is located in the heart of Georgia, just an hour away from Atlanta. When guests visit the Southern Cross Guest Ranch, they are stepping into a ranch and horse farm open 365 days per year and offering guided and unguided horseback riding.

Elkhorn Ranch – Arizona

Just 50 miles away from Tucson is where you’ll find Elkhorn Ranch. This historical dude ranch in Arizona can accommodate up to 32 guests at a time and has been owned and operated by the Miller family since 1946.

Western Pleasure Ranch – Idaho

Idaho is famous for much more then its potatoes – its also famous for its dude ranches, and the Western Pleasure Ranch to be specific. This ranch has been showing guests a real western experience for over 60 years.

Have you ever been to a dude ranch? Have you been to one of these top dude ranches? Tell us about it in the comments!