Most everyone loves visiting cities on vacation, after all, there is so much to see and do when there. In many US cities you could easily spend an entire week and still not have seen all the really great sites.

But, as amazing as cities are, sometimes it’s nice to escape the crowds and find a little break, especially during lunch time. And, one of the great things about cities is that there are actually tons of little hidden (or not so hidden) spots that are perfect for pulling up a bit of grass, spreading out the picnic table and having a nice relaxing break.

From cities big to small, there are plenty of great picnic spots to enjoy.

Boston is a city that prides itself on being green, so there are no shortage of places to check out for a great picnic. One of the most popular, and with good reason since the area is so pretty are the Public Gardens, located smack in the middle of town.

Want to really get away from it all in the city that never sleeps? Then take a short ferry, bus ride to Randall’s Island, a true natural oasis outside of New York. The huge 275 acre park has plenty of green space, urban gardens, and walking trails. Not to mention, a great view of the city.

Sure, LA is usually all about the beach, but if you find yourself needing a break from shopping, then there are certainly some picnic spots to be found. For a true slice of Los Angeles, head to The Hollywood Bowl for your break, a music (and people watching) hotspot for generations.

Chicagoans certainly do cherish their summer days, so when the weather gets nice, you will find plenty of people outside enjoying picnic lunches in the middle of the day. One favorite spot for many is on the lawn of the Adler Planetarium, providing beautiful views of the lake.

While lunch at the airport might not seem exciting, in Dallas they make it pretty cool. Take a visit to the Founders Plaza Observation area, a grassy picnic spot that also booms in over loudspeakers the instructions of air traffic controllers as planes land and take off.

So, next time you are looking to find a spot to relax in a big city. Consider some of these options, they all provide a unique and fun way to enjoy a picnic lunch in the city.

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