One of the most popular activities you can enjoy on any beach is parasailing. Many of the hottest beaches across the country offer parasailing for locals and visitors who want to spend a few minutes forgetting the stresses of the day and floating above the ocean.

Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

If you don’t know about parasailing, it’s a lot of fun. Basically what happens is operators will have a boat which has a mini rig attached to it that is a seat with a small parachute sail attached to it. As the boat motors along, the wind catches the sail and lifts you up above the water.

People love parasailing because it gives you the feeling of flying, an amazing view of the local area, and it’s just plain fun!

Let’s look at some of the best beaches across the country where you can enjoy an afternoon parasailing.

Miami Beach

Miami South Beach Sunrise

It is any surprise that one of the hottest beaches in America, Florida’sĀ Miami Beach, also has a great parasailing scene?

It shouldn’t because this is one of the premiere beaches to see and be seen in the country. There are number of parasailing operators that make their home on Miami Beach, and parasailing is consistently rated as one of the top things to do for visitors and tourists.

Myrtle Beach

Sunrise Over Myrtle Beach

South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach is also a big draw for both locals and tourists who are looking to experience parasailing.

Myrtle Beach is one of the most active beaches in the country, offering tons of bars, restaurants, arcades and boardwalks along the water that brings people from all around the country. If you’re looking to check parasailing off your bucket list, Myrtle Beach might be the spot to do it.

Orange Beach

Gulf Shores Area Orange BeachAlabama’s Orange Beach is the parasailing hot spot of the Gulf Coast region. The Gulf Shores area might be some of the hidden beach gems in the country.

Offering plenty of family friendly beaches, the multiple parasailing outfitters in and around Orange Beach giveĀ visitors the ability to enjoy the beach, Perdido Key and even Gulf Shores from over thirty feet up in the air. Not too bad!

San Diego

San Diego from Ferry Landing in Coronado

On the West Coast, San Diego is the premiere place to be when you want enjoy some parasailing on your vacation.

San Diego is primarily known for two things, beautiful year round weather and beautiful beaches. Any visit you take to this area will have plenty of activities for you to do. Beyond parasailing, you can enjoy surfing, paddleboarding, and hiking on some trails along the coast.

There you have it. Some of the very best beaches across the country for you to try out parasailing the next time you’re on vacation. If you’re already a parasailing pro, then be sure to let us know what some of your favorite beaches are for your favorite activity.