As we are in the heart of summer, there are several activities to do solo, with friends, or with the family. One of the most popular summer activities is going to the beach. Whether you live within driving distance of an ocean or taking a trip to a beach town for an extended period of time, there’s way more to do at the beach than just lay there and get a nice sun tan. Check out some of the best activities to do on your next trip out there.


Don’t be afraid of sharks! Surfing is one of the most exciting activities to do at the beach. If you’re a first timer looking to learn, you can rent a foam board and get a few basic tips to get you riding the waves in no time.


If you prefer to do an activity out of the water, find a net, volleyball, and some friends for a game of beach volleyball!


Just because you’re at the beach doesn’t mean you have to be doing anything active. You can really just pack a lunch and a big blanket for a fun picnic on the beach with a date or your family.

Building Sandcastles

We don’t know about you, but we find every opportunity we can to build a sandcastle. Who says you have to have children to build a sandcastle? Although it is one of the best beach activities for kids, it’s a fun thing to do for all ages.


Just like you’re never too old to build a sandcastle, you’re also never too old to fly a kite. On a windy day at the beach, this is a fun activity for all ages to enjoy.

Collect Seashells

This will be a really fun activity for those who live far from an ocean. Walk along the shoreline and look for unique seashells to bring home. It’s a great reminder of the fun time you had when at the beach.

Look for Shark Teeth

Looking for shark teeth may be a little bit more difficult than collecting seashells. Although they may be hard to point out, when you do find them it can be extremely exciting and rewarding, especially for kids!

Throw Around a Football

Want a game that doesn’t add much to your haul? Don’t forget a football! Throwing a football around on the beach is a great activity. It’s the perfect place to teach kids how to throw and get everyone playing. If you have enough people, try to form two teams for a friendly football game!

Do you have any beach activities that you enjoy doing? Tell us about it in the comments below!