Vacations are supposed to be about relaxing, recharging, and making memories. But sometimes worrying about whether or not you have enough money remaining in your budget for another margarita or that souvenir snow globe can put a damper on the fun. Below are a few apps aimed at helping you easily keep track of your travel expenses so you can focus on what’s really important.

Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is a travel expense tracker for the iPhone. Recently updated, version 2.0 allows you to set parameters and goals per trip. For each trip you can tell the app how long you’ll be staying, enter in your target budget, and keep tabs on your spending using the easy-to-read interface–it even has a fun-colored pie chart for the more visual among us.

Trabee Pocket: Travel Expense Note

This handy app allows you to input all of your expenses while traveling, from that skinny latte helping to battle jetlag to the pair of sunglasses you bought to replace the ones you left at home. If abroad you can convert currency easily and check your remaining balances with one touch. The app also allows you to export your expenses in various file formats, so it’s perfect for those traveling for business.

Trip Boss

The Trip Boss app is available in four different iterations: Expense & Budget, Itinerary, Journal, and a version that combines all three. While Itinerary and Journal are great for helping you plan and remember the perfect vacation, Expense & Budget takes care of the financial nitty-gritty by allowing you to track expenses (you can even take photos of receipts if you’re short on time), set budgets, and convert currencies. It also has a function to help you calculate tips and split checks, which will be useful even when you’re close to home.


It’s always more fun to travel with friends, and Splitomatic can help alleviate some of the bill-splitting arguments that are bound to happen when you’re on the road with your buds. You can include up to seven people by entering the trip details, each expense, and who paid. Then when you’re ready, the app will automatically generate a Split Report for the trip and tell you how to settle up.