I haven’t always been into beauty products. Somewhere between graduating from college and going on job interviews, I decided it was time to start sprucing my look up a bit. I went from not owning any nail polishes and eyeshadows to dedicating an entire room to “beauty”. Yep, I’m a bit of a beauty aficionado and I’m proud about it too. I also happen to be a huge Disney fan and I never thought the two worlds of beauty products and Disney could collide. Wellll, they have. Located at select Disney World stores and online at DisneyStore.com, beauty lovers will be able to purchase quality cosmetics with their favorite Disney characters on them. And I’m not talking about that watery lipgloss that your baby cousin has in her playroom.

I’ve had the chance to see these products up close and they are everything a beauty lovin’ big kid could ever want. From eyeshadow palettes to mirror compacts, nail polishes and lipglosses, the line features notable characters like Snow White, Cinderella and even villains like Ursula and Maleficent. Prices are reasonable but would probably appeal more to the serious beauty lover verses the gal that is okay with only just a few lip products. Think you’ll be in Orlando this summer? Do yourself a favor and check out these products. If they aren’t for you, surely the beauty lover in your life will enjoy receiving some of your findings.

Any beauty lovers in the house? What do you think about Disney taking cosmetics seriously?