As summer is slowly winding down, we are desperately trying to enjoy these last few weeks of the beach and the sunshine (depending on where you live, of course.) As for us here in Florida, we can technically go to the beach year round since we don’t get to experience a real winter.

Regardless of where you are in the country, there’s still a code of conduct when making your way to the shore. Even though the beaches aren’t as crowded as the peak of summer, you are still expected to show respect for those around you. Here are a few tips for good beach etiquette:

1. Bring your headphones

We know your music is great. In fact, we probably want to hear it too! However, it’s always safe to bring a pair of headphones when you’re ready for a jam session at the beach. Your neighbors might want some peace and quiet.

2. Find a trash can

Never litter on the beach. Be respectful of nature and pick up any belongings that you do not want and want to throw away.

3. No smoking

If you must, find a private area where there aren’t many people. Be mindful of those who do not smoke and do not wish to breathe in second hand smoke.

4. Find an empty area for games

We love playing volleyball and football on the beach. It’s great exercise and a great way for all to enjoy their time. However, be careful not to play too close to others – just incase they get hit with a ball or run into.

5. Find an empty area to shake out your towel

Last, but certainly not least, the famous shaking of the towel. This has happened to me several times while i’m minding my own business on a shore. The person next to be was packing up to leave, and shaking out their towel in my direction. Try to find an area where there isn’t anybody in the direction of the shaking.