by: Dana Damato

I live in the wonky state called Florida. If you’ve ever visited, you may (or may not) be aware of our crazy weather. It’s not always crisp blue skies and tropical breezes here in Central Florida. We deal with weather that is crazier than that Aunt Ruth of yours. Florida is notorious for going from chilly to warm weather in the blink of an eye. Weather fluctuations can be frustrating but even more so when you’re traveling. Here are some of our tips for preventing yourself from getting sick while traveling.

Choose water over other beverages – As they say, water is the most important fluid you can put in your body. Water helps to keep you hydrated, which helps to keep everything working properly in your body. Ultimately, this will help your body fight off infection.

Avoid eating out too much – So if you’re traveling, isn’t eating out your only option? Not exactly. You can order take out, room service at your hotel or just bring food with you so you can avoid spending too much time in a crowded restaurant. The more people you’re around, the more likely you are to get sick.

Boost your immune system up prior to travel – If you already know your travel arrangements a good week before your trip, start popping Vitamin C tablets and drinking echinacea tea if you can. Both are wonderful at creating a shield between you and the germs that run rampant around you. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated and take a few extra walks. The healthier you are before your trip, the better off you’ll be if you run into “not so clean” areas.

Wear a surgical mask – I know, I know. Who does that?! People who don’t get sick, that’s who! Far from attractive, surgical masks can be extremely efficient to use while traveling, especially in crowded areas. Stuck at the airport or taking a 6-hour flight? The flight attendants may give you a major side eye but put on that surgical mask. We even wear these in our home! If someone catches a cold, they have to wear the mask or quarantine themselves to the nearest sick room.

Continuously sanitize hands – It sounds simple but how many door knobs do we touch a day? Think about how many other people touch those door knobs too. While it is nowhere near as effective as lathering up the suds and actually washing your hands, using hand sanitizer is better than nothing.


What are some ways you avoid getting sick while traveling?