Woman On Beach

Image Source: http://aoinspiration.com/

By: Melanie Warner

I lived in Los Angeles for ten years, but never made it to Oxnard. I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to go check out this area for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it would be more industrial, but was pleasantly surprised at the warm and inviting, burgeoning travel experience that Oxnard has to offer. With its nautical themes and maritime feel right on the ocean, I was often reminded of other charming locations, like Kemah near the Gulf in Texas, or Marina Del Rey and Venice Beach in Los Angeles The view of Channel Island from the beach was so beautiful at sunset, we were practically moved to tears. The beach was empty, but far from lonely. I was also impressed with all of the local culture, art, talent, cuisine and history that is displayed and easily accessed in this town.


If you only have a short time to spend or are looking for a weekend getaway idea, it’s one of the most unique cities in California. One of my favorite activities to do there is visit Hook’s Landing. They have electric boats that you can drive yourself for a leisurely tour of the channel and all of the beautiful homes and boat docks. They also offer large fishing vessels for overnight trips. When I was there, they were gearing up for a crab fishing adventure that evening. While I was driving the boat, I realized that I was in a boat…with my friend Marianne… the weather started getting rough… on a three hour tour… it wasn’t looking good. But luckily, we had cell phones and were not too far out. But we decided we wouldn’t mind being rescued by the Professor. hookslanding.net