Olympic National Park is right outside of Port Angeles, Washington. At just over a two hour drive from Seattle, the park makes a perfect spot for a day trip to catch some incredible views and enjoy a bit of nature away from the city.

Within Olympic National Park is Hurricane Ridge. Named for the strong and powerful winds that rush against the high elevation, this part of the park does provide some of the most spectacular views.

At a height of over 5,000 feet, make sure to bring your camera because you will not want to miss out on the panoramic mountain vistas! Even in the early to mid summer you will still be able to see snow capped peaks.

The drive up to Hurricane Ridge is an adventure in itself. The 17 mile long road twists and turns up the side of the ridge. It can be hard to keep your eyes on the road looking at the mountain view, but the National Park Service has set up frequent pull out spots to be able to pop out and take in that fresh mountain air.

Once you do make it to the top of the ridge you will be able to find a variety of hiking trails, including some that are handicapped accessible and perfect for the kiddos like the Hurricane Hill Trail and the Hurricane Ridge Meadow Trail.

Another treat at the top of Hurricane Ridge beyond the alpine meadow views is the Heart O’the Hills Visitor Center. This National Park Service operated building has available bathrooms, water fountains, a gift shop and even a little grill cafe. Grab a burger and move to the cafe seating area that has a huge 180 degree view of the mountains.

Once you get your fill of nature, head back down the road and back to Seattle, or off to your next destination. There is no doubt you will have enjoyed your day trip into Olympic National Park!