The holiday season is approaching, which means millions of people will be heading out on the road, airports, and train stations in the coming months. The travel industry is well aware of the increased demand, so it shouldn’t be surprised that prices tend to go up during this busy travel season.

But, that doesn’t mean there still aren’t deals to be had and ways to save on holiday travel. Here, we’ll cut right to the chase and give you ten ways to save on holiday travel this season.

Let’s get right to it.

Set Up Deal Alerts

Save yourself the time and aggravation of trying to research deals one by one and sign up on one of the many deal aggregation sites to get email alerts on deals for specific flights or hotels. These sites can provide great research tools for finding how prices are fluctuating.

Have a Plan

The holidays don’t spring up. So, you don’t have an excuse to wait until the last minute to start planning. Plus the earlier you book (six to eight weeks is usually the sweet spot) the more likely you are to not only save money, but get the travel times you want.

Drive Instead of Fly

We’ve all seen the news reports from airports around the holidays; huge lines, delays, people even sleeping in the airport! Instead, consider driving. Not only will driving be far cheaper, but you can turn the trip into site seeing or extra family time.

Airport Flight Status

Consider a Rental

Worried that your truck or SUV doesn’t have the space for passengers or might take up too much gas? Think about getting a rental car for your drive. You can make the trip much more comfortable, and save money at the pump at the same time.

Pick Your Travel Days and Times Wisely

There are a few days on the calendar where everyone is going to be traveling, avoid the rush by planning around those days. If you can’t then tweak the times. If everyone is on the road at noon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, leave at 6am or 8pm and beat the rush, for example.

Have a Membership Card

Lots of companies offer special cards to members that provide them with special discounts on everything from car rentals, to airlines, to meals, and hotels. Check with your local businesses, clubs, and alumni groups to see if you qualify.

Company Discounts

Many large companies offer employees as a perk special discounts on travel. If your company is one of these, check your Human Resources website to see what kind of special deals and discounts you are eligible for and can use during your holiday travel plans.

Compare Nearby Airports

We all know about hub airports. But often there are other airports within a hour drive from most cities that can offer both different flight times that may be more convenient and be hubs for discount airlines not found at larger hubs.

These are just eight different tips that should help you save money this year on holiday travel. Are you traveling this holiday season? What are some of your best tips for saving money?