While there are few thing in life as great as a week (or two) away from the office relaxing on vacation, many people don’t realize just how refreshing a weekend getaway can be.

Therefore, if you are short on vacation days, or just don’t have the ability to take a full week, break up the time you do have into a couple of long weekend stints. Having a three or four day mini-break can be incredibly fulfilling and lots of fun, plus you rarely need to travel too far from home.

That’s what we’re going to cover here. Regardless if you already live on the West Coast ,happen to be visiting at the time, or are happy to take a quick cross country jaunt, there are a number of amazing spots to visit on the West Coast that make for a perfect weekend getaway.

Let’s take a look.

Palm Springs, California


palm springs weekend getaway

First, just about a two hour drive from Los Angeles, Palm Springs is a fun and funky hot spot (literally it’s in the desert) that is an awesome weekend getaway. Head there for a fun girls weekend at a spa, and don’t miss some of the great boutique shops.

Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon
Also, if you want to hit up an outdoor lovers paradise that also is known as a craft brew hot spot, then you can’t go wrong with hitting up Bend. Drive just about three hours west of Portland and you’ll quickly feel relaxed surrounded by the amazing natural beauty.

Whidbey Island, Washington

Whidbey Island
Additionally, the islands that dot Washington State’s Puget Sound, offers lots of quick weekend getaway that are just a quick ferry ride away from Seattle, and Whidbey Island is one of them. This is cited often as one of the top romantic destinations on the West Coast, with tons of fantastic dining choices.

Vancouver, British Columbia

vancouver weekend getaway

Barely over the US border, you’ll find the incredibly beautiful and cosmopolitan international city of Vancouver. Just a 2.5 hour drive from Seattle and 5 hour drive from Portland, this is the perfect weekend getaway.

Las Vegas, Nevada

vegas weekend getaway

There are few better weekend destinations better than Las Vegas. And, if you live in or around Los Angeles then Sin City is only about a four hour drive away. Spend the weekend enjoying the high stakes slots! Or take in some of the world class restaurants and shows on (or off) The Strip.

Sonoma County, California

Vineyards of Sonoma County, CA
Less than two hours from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco you find the escape of Sonoma County. For wine lovers, this is truly the place where some of the best wine produced in the entire country can be found. Try a guided tour (with driver) up and down Wine Road.

Big Sur, California

big sur weekend getaway

Ultimately, the California coastline is some of the most striking in the world. Therefore, when you combine the rugged natural beauty of the area, you’re certainly in for a treat. Driving in and around Big Sur provides plenty of opportunities for hiking, camping, and beach combing.

What are some of your favorite West Coast weekend getaway destinations? Let us know in the comments!

West Coast view of the water