Happy April and a very happy April Fools Day! This is the best day to pull a prank on someone you know. Whether it’s an innocent practical joke or a well thought out and planned event, the most important part about April Fools is to have fun. Here are a few classic pranks to pull on friends:

1. Chicken Bullion Block In Shower Head

Who wants to smell like Chicken soup? Simply remove the shower head, place a chicken bullion cube inside, replace the shower head and get ready for you friend/family member to smell like a bowl of chicken soup!

2. Post-It Notes On Car

Get a pad of Post-It notes and cover every inch of a friend’s car when they aren’t looking. Be sure to use different colors so they walk out to a colorful surprise!

3. Mayonnaise Stuffed Doughnuts

To really give your friends or coworkers an April fools surprise, fill doughnuts with mayonnaise without them knowing, sit back, and watch their reaction when they take a first bite.

4. Fake Parking Tickets

Print a generic parking citation and secretly leave on a friend’s car.

5. Classic Gorilla Suit Scare

Not many things are funnier than buying a gorilla suit at a party store, hiding in the bushes and scaring everyone who walks by. Try it out and prepare to laugh.

6. Toothpaste Filled Oreos

Have a friend who loves Oreos? Scrape out the filling and replace with white toothpaste, than put back together.

7. Vaseline On Door Handles

The title should say enough!


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