While most people think of packing up and heading to the beach when it comes time to head out on vacation, there are a number of amazing cold weather destinations you don’t want to miss.

Skiing and snowboarding in the mountains of Colorado, cozying up with your loved on by the fire on a romantic Vermont weekend, or even sightseeing in New York City are all popular cold weather vacation options thousands of people love to enjoy each year.

The problem? Packing.

Especially with the costs associated with checked and carry-on luggage, you don’t want to blow your budget before you get started paying fees for tons of luggage full of winter clothes.

Winter Packing

The good news is there are ways to pack for a cold weather trip without needing to worry about hauling extra luggage around.

Let’s take a look.

Embrace Thermals

Yup, I said it. The easiest way to pack light when going somewhere cold is bringing a few pairs of thermals with now. The thermals of today aren’t the bulky and ugly long john’s of the past. They are light, silky, and incredibly effective in keeping you warm, all while taking up very little luggage space.


If you pack two heavy sweaters or sweatshirts, you’ve already lost most of your luggage space. Avoid that by┬ábringing multiple lighter layers that work together. A short sleeve top can go under a long sleeve top, which can go under a sweater, bringing you lots of extra warmth without a lot of bulk.

Good Shoes

Footwear matters in the cold weather. The last thing you want is to be walking around with cold and wet feet. So plan accordingly, if you’re off to a snowy spot bring boots with you. If you’re headed to a city be aware the sidewalks maybe wet and slushy, soaking sneakers or other shoes.

Dogs and Owner Wearing Rain Boots

Bring Accessories

One thing you absolutely don’t want to forget on your cold weather vacation are the accessories that are going to help keep you warm. Remember, especially if you’re going to be outside most of your trip, gloves, hats, and scarves can be a lifesaver in keeping you warm and cozy.

Wear the Bulk

As you’re packing, set aside the heaviest and bulkiest clothing to wear on the plan. That means any heavy boots, sweaters, and of course your jackets. You might be a little hot while waiting in the terminal (that’s what the layers are for), but you’ll save money and your back carrying heavy luggage around.

Pick One Color Family

Another tip is to stay in one color family for your trip, that way everything matches. If you stick to a base color like black or gray, and add a few pops of color in layers that match them, you’ll be set. You won’t have to pack multiple pairs of pants or tops simply because they don’t match the color scheme.

What are some of your best tips for cold weather packing? Are you able to travel with just a carry-on to your favorite destinations, no matter the climate? Let us know in the comments!