You did it. You decided that you and your buddy are going to head out on a road trip. The plans are all ready to go, the car is gassed up and you’ve got the map in hand. All that’s left is making sure that you aren’t a terrible road trip buddy. That’s right. If you want to enjoy your trip and make sure that you keep your friend after the trip, we’ve got some tips on how to NOT to annoy your road trip pal.

By not bringing enough money

This has happened to me more times than I can count. I would spend months saving up for a trip just for my road trip buddy to ask for $10 every other second. If you have gone so far as to ask your friend to get together with you to plan an awesome trip, be responsible enough to at least save enough money to cover your end of the trip.

By talking too much.

I get it. You’re excited and when some people get overly excited they get chatty. If you find that your buddy is rolling their eyes every time you open your mouth you may be talking a bit too much. The key is to create balance. You talk a bit and then your buddy talks a bit.

By not talking enough.

Okay, so no one wants to deal with a motor mouth but no one wants to sit for hours not hearing a word either. Road trips are filled with inspiring things to chat about. Surely you can find something to talk about.

Eating all of their food.

If you’re the type that can go hours without eating, don’t suddenly turn into a snacker the minute you notice your road trip buddy’s cooler. Many people are pretty serious about their snacks and no one wants to get into a fist fight over a bag of chips in the middle of nowhere.

Not taking turns at the wheel.

Even if you buddy says she doesn’t mind driving the 8 hours to your destination, be sure to have her give up the wheel while you take over a little bit. Sleep deprivation is no joke and while she may appear energetic and excited about driving, your best bet is to put in a few hours of drive time just to be safe.