When traveling, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment of excitement when we walk into a hotel room for the first time. After a long day of traveling, there’s no better feeling than setting down your luggage and laying down on a comfortable bed. However, this is the biggest mistake made by thousands, if not millions of travelers everyday.

Be sure to check out these 5 things to do before unpacking!

1. Decide Where to Put Your Room Key

There’s nothing worse than realizing you have no idea where your hotel room key is. It’s smart to choose a spot you like and always put it there. Whether it’s on the bedside table, the desk or even on top of the TV, you’ll know where to find it when you’re ready to explore the town.

2. Take a Picture

Nothing ruins a hotel room picture like an unmade bed or overflowing suitcase. If you want a snapshot to remember the details of your trip, or you’re planning to review a hotel on a website like TripAdvisor, it’s best to take a few photos before unpacking. Plus, there’s nothing like a nice hotel room pic on Instagram to make your friends jealous!

3. Find the Wi-Fi Password 

We love staying at hotels with free wi-fi! If you set up your phone and computer as soon as you get in the room, so you’ll be connected through your entire stay.

4. Set Up the Alarm Clock

Check the time on the clock and set an alarm for the next morning. After an evening out in the city of your choice, you don’t want to forget to set it and sleep the next day away. Even better – call the front desk to set up a wake up call. That’s the beauty of staying at a hotel.

5. Ask for Recommendations

No one knows the city better than the staff at the front desk of your hotel. As soon as you get to your hotel, ask friendly staff members for advice on things to do, places to eat and more. You’ll experience the city like a local!

What Should You Do Next? Enjoy The Amenities
Once you get to your hotel room, make sure you don’t miss out on great amenities. Find out the operating hours for the swimming pool or continental breakfast; locate the vending area, laundry room or fitness center; check out the TV channels and fun complimentary bath soaps. No matter what your favorite part about staying in a hotel is – start enjoying it right away!

Do you have a tip of something you do as soon as you get to a hotel room? Let us know in the comments!