Last week we shared 5 fun family activities to do this summer and here they are for you to try with your family:

5. Go to a Baseball Game: Baseball is the all-American sport and there’s nothing that defines summer better than grabbing your peanuts…more

4. Take a Road Trip: We can’t say it enough – taking a road trip is an essential part of living…more

3. Build a Lemonade Stand: Let’s be honest – what can be a better classic family summer activity than opening an old fashion Lemonade Stand…more

2. Have a Picnic: A picnic is a great way to gather the family for an afternoon of sunshine, food and activities…more

1. Camp in the Backyard:  Who doesn’t love to camp? Well, probably a lot of people – but we have a great suggestion for gathering your family to experience all the same camping activities…right in your backyard…more