By: Liz Froment

One of the best things you can do on a summer road trip is spend some time at a lake. Although a lot of people love to flock to the oceans, lakes are sometimes an even better option for you to visit.

Lakes provide a ton of outdoor activities from boating to kayaking to stand up paddleboarding to fishing. Truly, there is going to be something for everyone. Another benefit of spending some time in a lakeside community over the summer has to be the surroundings.

Usually lakes are smack in the middle of some beautiful nature, including forests or mountains. And the surrounding towns are going to provide a perfect area to meander through country roads, visiting small local shops and tasting some area favorites.

Here are five wonderful lakes for you to check out on your next road trip:

Lake Tahoe: Nestled on the Nevada and California border, Lake Tahoe is a hikers paradise. Located smack in the mountains, the areas surrounding Lake Tahoe have plenty of hiking trails that offer spectacular views.

Crater Lake: In the mountains of Oregon, Crater Lake is one of the most spectacular lakes you might ever see because of it’s crystal clear blue water. Being the deepest lake in the United States, it is also a hot spot for people who love to scuba dive.

Lake Powell: Another lake between two borders, this time Utah and Arizona, is Lake Powell. Surrounded by those beautiful red rock formations that make the American South West so famous, it is a hot spot for party boats and houseboats.

Sebago Lake: While most people in New England head to the beaches every summer, a few know that Sebago Lake in Maine is really where it’s at. The lake features a true old time feel with cottages and campgrounds dotting the coastline, with plenty of canoe rentals.

Lake Norman: Located in central North Carolina, Lake Norman is a water sports paradise. The large expanse of water provides a perfect setting for water skiing, jet skiing and sailing, not to mention the plentiful quantities of fish that populate the lake.

Have you been to any of these lakes? Do you have some of your own favorite road trip lakes you love to visit? Let us know in the comments!