If you are a germaphobe, you are totally going to love this post. If you aren’t a germaphobe, be prepared to become one. Our goal isn’t to scare you into staying at home instead of traveling. Never that! But do we believe that knowledge is power? Absolutely! And when you know better, you tend to do better.

DO ask for new towels and washcloths.
I know what you’re thinking. Why? Why should I ask for new towels? Aren’t the ones currently on my rack clean? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe the previous person simply wiped their hands or face on them and gently put them back on racks. Maybe, just maybe the housekeeper thought they appeared unused and didn’t bother to change them. It’s a logical explanation but it’s one that we’d rather not take a risk on. Your best bet is to ask for extra towels.

DO bring a refillable water bottle.
This has been one of my rules for many years and friends traveling with me always say that I was crazy for thinking that the glass could be covered in germs. But think of it this way. How was that glass cleaned? Are they picked up from dirty rooms, tossed in a dishwasher and returned sparkling clean to bathrooms again? I’m not sure. For all I know, they could be rinsed with water and buffed to a shine with a towel. If I’m going to press my luck with hotel room dining utensils, I’d rather go with the nice plastic cups that are wrapped in well…plastic. They usually located near the coffee pots in hotel rooms.

DO wear flip-flops or slippers.
True germaphobes already know about this one and it just makes sense. I’d rather be safe than sorry and protect those feet of mine. Thin slippers and sandals take up little to no space in luggage and you can trek around the bathroom and hotel room without worrying about germs. Let’s face it…just because you wash your feet regularly, doesn’t mean that all of the previous guests who occupied the room before you did.

DO ask the housekeeper to re-clean if necessary.
If you are at all worried at the the condition of the room, have housekeeping re-clean. This can usually happen within the hour that you’ve checked in and most hotels have no problem with you making this request.

DO sanitize the place yourself.
That’s right! If you search through the travel-sized items at drugstores, you’ll find sanitizing wipes and travel-size sprays. I prefer the wipes and I never hesitate to wipe down the bathroom with them. I also wipe down the phone, remote, desk and any area where I think I’ll be doing a lot of touching.