Updated January 3, 2018

Black History Month is recognized in the United States during the month of February. This significant month is meant to recognize and honor the African Americans who have been influential in American culture and society, and to continue to lift up marginalized voices in our society. 

Reading books and articles on the internet can be a great way to learn about Black History; however, to fully recognize the achievements of these Americans, pay a visit to one of the 5 best Black History Month destinations. You’ll see museums, historical landmarks and artifacts to celebrate black culture in America.

1. Harlem, New York

Harlem is a mecca for famous African American entertainers. The nationally known and famous, Apollo Theater, was the main performance hub for several black entertainers such as B.B. King and Aretha Franklin. Visit the Harlem Tourism and Cultural Center to learn about Harlem’s rich history and find out where your next stops should be.

2. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a hub of African American history relating to the civil rights movement. Visitors can see the neighborhood where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up. This is now a historical site with programs for children and visitors. Don’t miss the APEX Museum, dedicated to sharing the history and culture of African Americans.

Learn about the MLK Jr. Heritage Drive, from Atlanta to Memphis.

3. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is a great place to explore African American history, and not just because of the wealth of places to hear and learn about blues music. Visit the National Civil Rights Museum while you’re in town, and tune into 1070 AM while you’re driving to hear the first U.S. radio station programmed by African Americans. 

4. Washington D.C.

There are a number of sites in D.C. to add to your list, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the Mall, the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum and the African American Heritage Trail. The National Museum of African American History and Culture opened in 2016, and is one of the most popular museums in D.C. Be sure to get your passes ahead of time to be able to get in. 

5. San Francisco, California

There are a number of places to tour when you’re on the west coast. We suggest a visit to San Francisco to take a tour at the Museum of the African Diaspora, walk around the African American Art & Culture Complex and view a show at the African American Shakespeare Company.

Whlie you’re traveling, don’t forget that your dollars make a difference. Purchase art and patronize restaurants owned by black community members. Donate to the museums when you can to ensure future generations can learn about the important, yet often overlooked history and culture of African Americans in the U.S.