Let’s clear the air here – you’re never too old to have some fun on the beach! It may appear that way when the kids are the ones who seem to run around building sand castles, swimming in the ocean and roll around in the sand leaving you with sand piles everywhere. Regardless of what age you are, you’re entitled to have just as much fun on the beach, and we found a few that you can enjoy with the family or even by yourself.

Boogie Boarding

There’s nothing more fun to do that catch a way on a boogie board. Boogie boards can be found at almost any store near the beach and are very affordable.


Most beaches will have at least on volleyball net on the beach where you can round up a few people and have some fun. Beach volleyball can be a fun activity for all while getting some exercise.

Bike Riding

Bike riding is fun when the weather is nice and the sand is hard enough to ride on. There are bike rental locations near most beaches where you can rent beach cruisers per hour or for the day.


Don’t know how to surf? No worries! Find a local surf instructor who can teach you and your family all the right techniques to catch a wave.

Kite Flying

When the winds are just right and the skies are clear blue, flying a kite is an activity that children and adults can do together and enjoy.