You’d rather read a comic book than a New York Times best-seller, and your coffee table is covered with LEGO models rather than magazines. You love anything and everything to do with computers, programming and video games, and your cat is named after a character in “Star Wars.”

Yes, you are a proud geek, and find yourself wanting to plan a vacation. To honor your inner nerd and revel in your interests, consider spending at least part of your vacation at one of the country’s many geek-themed destinations.

But First, a Few Brief Safety Tips

If you plan on traveling via car, it’s important to spend some time getting your vehicle ready. Make sure your car is equipped with quality tires that will help you travel safely from point A to point B. So, if your tires are looking worn, definitely look into replacing them before you leave.

In addition, schedule a basic tune-up and oil change for your vehicle, and before heading out on the open road, be sure you bring along plenty of protein-rich snacks and lots of bottled water. Once your car is safe and well-stocked, head out to one or more of these amazing nerd-a-palooza destinations:

Space Camp

USSRC Rocket Park
If you have always dreamed of being an astronaut, Adult Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, will give you the chance to get a taste of the astronaut life. The weekend program includes model rocket construction and launch; training in the astronaut simulator — including the 1/6th gravity chair — a chance to see the world’s largest collection of spaceflight items; and an education in the history of the spaceflight industry.

Redwood National and State Parks

Redwood National Park

While thousands of people travel through these awe-inspiring state parks in California, precious few realize they are seeing what inspired George Lucas to create the forest moon of Endor. Not you, though — you know your “Star Wars” trivia so well, particularly that Lucas used the Tall Trees Redwood Grove to double for the Ewok’s forest home. As a bonus, if you are a “Jurassic Park” fan, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and Patrick’s Point State Park were featured in the sequel, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park.”

The American Classic Arcade Museum

If your high score on Pac-Man is still legendary at your local 7-Eleven and you have fond memories of staying tan-free during long summer afternoons inside a video game arcade, consider a trip to the American Classic Arcade Museum in Laconia, New Hampshire. The non-profit museum, which features tons of classic games on display, was established to “promote and preserve the history of coin-operated arcade games,” from the pre-electricity games in the 1900s to the penny arcades and Pac-Man fever era.


Located in California and Florida, LEGOLand is a great place to experience your favorite plastic building bricks up close and personal. The theme parks have plenty of attractions that an AFOL, or Adult Fan of LEGO, like you will love. The parks feature rides, miniature cities and other attractions built entirely from LEGO, as well as plenty of shopping opportunities.

MINILAND USA, for example, includes an amazing replica of the Las Vegas strip. Who knows — you might get some inspiration for your own models when you see how the bricks were expertly put together to form a mini Luxor, New York New York Hotel and Casino, MGM Grand and miniature wedding chapel.