Not everyone is cut out for a desk job. Not everyone wants to chit chat by the water-cooler on their lunch break or indulge in the horrible drip coffee in the office. For many work is about adventure, about stepping out of their comfort zone daily to make a quick buck.

Opportunities to be traveling circus assistants, or sewer tour guides, exist between the lines in classifieds all across the globe. But for those that aren’t ready to wrangle clowns or trudge through filth, there still remains a demand for people willing to live a little outside the box.

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Flight Attendant
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Truck Driver – You seldom hear a child say, “When I grow up I want to be a truck driver,” but in such a poor job market, pulling a long haul can provide not only a steady wage but also inevitable stories from the road…more

Mike Curts is a trucking driving savant and writer for eGears, an online authority that specializes in CDL practice tests and study guides.