Are you looking for some place to go this summer that’s fun but not as crowded?  How about watching a movie at the drive-in surrounded by fresh air and a starry sky? It’s timeless, affordable and family friendly. 

Pack your bag with your favorite snacks and meet us back inside this post to hear about 4 different drive-ins located in Georgia. 

Interesting fact from the Tiger Drive-in website: Did you know? There used to be over 5,000 drive-ins scattered across the world and now there are only 349 left. (And 4 of them are on this list!) 

Tiger Drive-in Theater (Tiger, GA)

Located in the northeast Georgia Mountains, the Tiger Drive-in first opened up in 1954. For many years, it was all movies, pizza, popcorn and great times. But unfortunately, by the 1980’s, movie rentals were on the rise and drive-ins everywhere were on a steep decline. It was then that Bill Wilson made the difficult decision to close his theater.

Decades later, nostalgic and hopeful, Bill Wilson’s daughter Sherryl Major decided to reopen the The Tiger Drive-in. And it’s been going strong since 2004. They’ve added a few things since 1954 including pre-show music, WiFi and a playground. Plus, a farmers market on the weekends. Outside food is not permitted at the drive-in but they do have a grill where you can order hot food, drinks, sweets and boiled peanuts. 

Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theater (Trenton, GA)

In the northwest Georgia mountains sits the Wilderness Theater; Home of double features and the world’s largest outdoor movie theater. You are encouraged to bring your own chairs and blankets while you enjoy the show. Outside food and beverages are not permitted. 

Swan Drive-in Theater (Blue Ridge, GA)

Catch a first run movie any day of the week over at the Swan Drive-in on Old Highway 76. There you can enjoy a movie from inside or outside of your vehicle, however you like, while munching on a deep fried Oreo from their concession stand. The Swan Theater just wants you to relax and have a good time. 

Jesup Drive-in Theater  (Jesup, GA)

Jesup is another one of Georgia’s oldest drive-in movie theaters. They first opened their doors in 1948, a couple years after WW2 ended. These days, they have renovated the theater, giving guests a blast from the past, with an authentic 1950’s feel. In addition to their on-screen movies, you will enjoy car hops and waiters/waitresses dressed in attire from the Golden Age era.