It’s nearly 90 years old. It crosses eight states, three time zones and spans 2,448 miles. Nat King Cole, the Rolling Stones and John Mayer have sung about it. It’s been dubbed “the most famous highway in the world.” So, what is it exactly? It’s Route 66, of course.

Route 66, also known as the Mother Road, starts in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles (Santa Monica) and passes through desert, prairies, canyons and historic towns along the way. Although it has undergone a number of changes since its initial construction in 1926, more than 80 percent of the road remains drivable today.  In fact, it is still a famous road trip route and that’s why we wanted to share it with our readers.

So, it’s time to get your kicks on Route 66. We’ve compiled a travel guide to help you on your trip. Check out our 22 historic stops you won’t want to miss on Route 66:

  1. Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant (Chicago, Illinois)
  2. Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket (Willowbrook, Illinois)
  3. Gateway Arch (St. Louis, Missouri)
  4. The Wagon Wheel Motel (Cuba, Missouri)
  5. Route 66 Drive-In Theater (Carthage, Missouri)
  6. Route 66 Mural Park (Joplin, Missouri)
  7. The Golden Driller (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  8. Route 66 Interpretive Center (Chandler, Oklahoma)
  9. Oklahoma Route 66 Museum (Clinton, Oklahoma)
  10. Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo, Texas)
  11. Big Texas Steak Ranch (Amarillo, Texas)
  12.  Route 66 Halfway Point (Adrian, Texas)
  13.  La Fonda Hotel (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
  14.   66 Pit Stop Laguna (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  15.  El Rancho Hotel (Gallup, New Mexico)
  16.  Meteor Crater (Meteor City, Arizona)
  17.  Grand Canyon National Park (Williams, Arizona)
  18.  Old Trails Bridge (Topock, Arizona)
  19. Burger Hut (Needles, California)
  20. The Wigwam Hotel (Rialto, California)
  21. Hollywood Sign (Hollywood, California)
  22. Santa Monica Pier (Santa Monica, California)

Now that you have your Route 66 travel guide, you’re ready to depart for your big adventure. Remember, there are hundreds of other stops along the way, so don’t be afraid to explore the attractions you find most interesting. Throughout your journey, tag your favorite stops using the hashtag #DrivetheNation and we’ll share your pictures!