Being on a long road trip can get boring and tiring. Especially if you’re driving alone. However, if you’re traveling with your time and not on a tight schedule, why not indulge in a little adventure by exploring the unique attractions that America has to offer? Most of the time, we don’t even consider stopping to see something different aside from the mainstream attractions when traveling via highway. When you are looking to discover some new and unique destinations on your road trip journey, keep in mind these 10 odd sites that will surely leave you feeling glad you did stop.

1. Bonnie and Clyde’s Death Car, Primm, NV

Bonnie & Clyde's Death Car

2. Enchanted Highway, Dickinson, ND

Enchanted Highway

3. Leaning Tower of Niles, Niles, IL

Leaning Tower of Niles

4. Life-Size Chocolate Moose, Scarborough, ME

Giant Chocolate Moose

5. Salvation Mountain, Niland, CA

Salvation Mountain

6. The Shoe Tree, Middlegate, NV

The Shoe Tree

7.  UFO Landing Port, Green Bay, WI

UFO Landing Port

8.  Wee’l Turtle, Dunseith, ND

Wee'l Turtle

9. World’s Largest Ball of Paint, Alexandria, IN

Largest Ball of Paint

10. Billy Tripp’s Mindfield, Brownsville, TN

Billy Tripp's Mindfield

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