The week of Christmas is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Between flying and driving, millions of Americans are taking this week to get home to their family and friends. If you’re traveling solo or with family, your safety is always the most important thing to stay on top of incase of emergency. While making your way to your destination, keep these Holiday Travel Tips in mind to make sure you arrive safely.

1. Don’t overpack.

Overpacking can be a hassle. You already have a lot to bring between gifts and luggage. Keep your packing to a minimal so you keep plenty of room in your vehicle, or avoid risking lost luggage at the airport.

2. Stay nourished.

Staying healthy is so important this time of year. Especially when you’re traveling via airplane. Being around so many people can cause airborne illness and it’s important that you pump yourself up with vitamins and healthy food to keep your immune system strong.

3. Ship your gifts (unless you’re giving Gift Cards).

Carrying around bags and boxes is never a good idea. There is risk of something getting lost or damaged. If you’re traveling, a better alternative is to purchase gift cards or ship your gifts ahead of time.

4. Leave early.

If you can leave a few days earlier than the peak travel days – do it!

5. Check weather forecasts.

The worst is that you run into an unexpected snow storm or rain storm. Weather can affect both air travel and road travel. Make sure to check your weather forecasts before leaving.

6. Travel really early or really late.

The best time to head our are very early in the morning, when everyone is sleeping, or very late when most people have already arrived to their destination.

7. If you’re driving, map your route ahead of time.

Make sure to have your road map fully planned out so you know exactly where you’re going. Mobile devices are the best source for navigation.

8. Have roadside assistance information at hand, just incase. 

AAA is a great source to keep on hand incase you experience an unexpected flat tire or car trouble.

9. Have a car phone charger with you at all times.

You can purchase a phone charger for your car at any mobile store or electronic store.

10. Keep children entertained during a long car ride. 

Children can get antsy during a long car drive, which can frustrate parents. Movies, games and toys can keep your children entertained while driving to your destination.

Do you have a holiday travel tip you’d like to share? Leave a comment to let us know!