It’s that time of year! Either you or your child are trying to decide which college to go to, or you’d simply just like to visit a college town to see what it’s all about. College towns are a lively part of the city that are primarily themed for the college within that town. You can feel the energy and team spirit just by walking the streets, going into a coffee shop or restaurant. If you’re starting college next year, choosing to attend college in a well-known college town can make for a memorable undergraduate experience.

10. Ann Arbor, MI – University of Michigan

University of Michigan

9. Austin, TX – University of Texas

University of Texas

8. Athens, GA – University of Georgia

University of Georgia

7. Berkeley, CA – University of California

University of California

6. Chapel Hill, NC РUniversity of North Carolina 


5. Boston, MA – Boston College

Boston College

4. Gainesville, FL – University of Florida

University of Florida

3. Charlottesville, VA – University of Virginia

University of Virginia

2. Ithaca, NY – Cornell University

Cornell University

1. Madison, WI РUniversity of Wisconsin 

University of Wisconsin

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